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Xie Lingjie has brought readers a work that is remarkable in every aspect: from the novel's expansive background, parallel structure, and the irresistible descriptions that blend various genres to the depth of thought and philosophy. Every aspect encourages readers to "break" the traditional experience of reading novels.

"Brigantine" contains storylines from two timelines, guiding readers through the rich memories, experiences, and perspectives of characters from different countries, especially exploring the cultural and thinking differences between characters of different generations. This multidimensional exploration allows readers to traverse European history, specifically the turbulent life in Europe during and after World War II. This, in turn, prompts numerous reflections on war, justice, and the self-redemption journey of those who survived the war only to endure torment and possibly fall into psychological trauma in their post-war lives.

Furthermore, the novel delves into the inner world of women who choose to spend their lives with post-war veterans. Many of them don't even know what is tormenting their partners' hearts, forcing them to endure confusion, pain, and helplessness throughout their married lives. This deep exploration helps us better understand the long-lasting destruction and horrors caused by war.

— Chen Xianglan, Editor of the Vietnamese edition

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This book brings together 12 short stories by Chinese-speaking authors living in Europe. The thematic content is rich and touches on the one hand on problem areas such as the clash of cultures, refugees and integration and on the other hand on the painful aftermath of the Second World War. There are also stories from far away and mystical China. The fact that short stories by Chinese-speaking authors in Europe are entering the stage of the German-speaking market together in the form of an anthology represents a groundbreaking innovation. Chinese people living in Europe have two cultural identities, they tell stories from a multicultural perspective, and represent different cultural spaces towards each other. This is certainly extremely interesting for the German-speaking reader and offers them a different form of reading experience.

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Limited edition by KF Times Group Inc., Canada


Brigantine is my first long novel and significantly different from my previous ones. It took me years to complete after settling down in Belgium. Formless in the beginning, but surging and overflowing, urging me consciously and unconsciously to be absorbed in it and even putting me in a state of madness or desolation sometimes. The hidden inspiration, like a concealed volcano unknown to the earth and the sea till it causes the earthquake that onsets a tsunami. It pushes its magma under great pressure through the stratum and makes it gush out uncontrollably…



The author has superb artistic literacy and a profound humanistic approach. The narrative and penpower of the work are extraordinary, showing the richness of European history.

professor shuzhuo jiang



The Pigtail is the spiritual product of the mentally disabled child's imagination of the mother, and it is also a cultural symbol. The era of Lu Xun is gone, and the meaning of the spectator has been replaced. However, due to the historical existence of people, it still has its validity.



A travel guide for Chinese visitors to the Philippines.

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